A young man injures himself after ingesting ‘cannibal drug’ in Murcia

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01/07/2022 at 2:59 PM CET


A 32-year-old had to be treated at dawn on January 1 at the Cehegín health center after injuring himself by allegedly consuming what is known as ‘cannibal drug’, a narcotic that led him to maintain a very violent and aggressive attitude. The patient, who had to be transferred to the emergency service of the aforementioned center by several acquaintances of his, arrived with several lacerations caused by himself and for which he had to be treated.

The violent attitude that he showed at all times, under the influence of the drug, forced to request the presence of a Local Police patrol of Cehegín to be able to retain the patient. In several videos recorded by a camera incorporated into the vest of one of the officers, the patient can be observed in a state of great excitement in which he loses control. To such an extent that he licks the blood from his hand to ingest it, a reaction known from the consumption of methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), a substance known as a ‘cannibal drug’.

The patient, sitting on the gurney of one of the consultations, is held by the guard of the SUAP of Cehegín while he tried to calm him so that he could be treated. The young man presented several wounds and blood stains all over the body, some stains that he tried to lick under the narcotic effects. These injuries were allegedly caused by bites. In one of the recorded videos, it is seen how the guard moves away from the patient and asks him to sit down so that the toilets at the health center can attend to him.

The cannibal drug provokes paranoia, confusion, delusions, anxiety, violent behaviors, among other symptoms. Its effects are much more powerful than those of amphetamines and cocaine. This is because when it enters the body it acts as an inhibitor of the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine (both substances are neurotransmitters of the central and peripheral nervous system).

Methienedioxypyrovalerone it is a fairly easy substance to get because it is marketed in esoteric stores as bath salts, plant fertilizers or even as a stain remover. Among the list of unwanted effects of the ‘cannibal drug’ are chills, excessive sweating, continuous vomiting, rapid heartbeat, paranoia, delusions or extreme behaviors.

The Local Police of Cehegín will investigate if the young man, of Moroccan origin and 32 years old, finally used this drug and where he could get it. To date, the presence of this narcotic in the Region was not known, although there have been indications.

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