A prisoner assaults a prison official in the Picassent prison, Valencia

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01/06/2022 at 12:42 CET


A prison officer from the Picassent jail has resulted wounded after receiving a beating by one of the inmates of the center’s Preventive Unit. This has just been confirmed by those responsible for the ACAIP-UGT union through a statement in which they explain that the first incident of the year in this center occurred yesterday at noon, at lunchtime, when the 25-year-old inmate assigned to module 28 of the Preventive Unit began beating one of the officials who was on duty at the time.

As detailed by the workers’ representatives, the prisoner began to beat and kick the officer until he managed to throw him to the ground. Service officials in the department succeeded in reducing the inmate and isolating him. He was later transferred to another module of the Compliance Unit. As a result of that aggression, The official has bruises on his back, a lip and a knee, and, after receiving first medical attention at the center, he is waiting to see the evolution of the injuries.

A troubled prisoner with a criminal record

This 25-year-old inmate had entered the center last August. Since then, and as explained by ACAIP-UGT, it has gone through 3 modules and he had already starred in two previous incidents. Now he was admitted to the Preventive Unit, which, according to the union, houses some 25 very conflictive inmates.

For those responsible for this union, what happened yesterday in Picassent shows that the prison administration “does not adequately train its workers, and they make up for their lack of preparation with professionalism and good will. In the best of cases, only 25 officials each year can take a specific course on personal defense, but they must do it on their days off and also bear all expenses, including gasoline for trips to the center. “

According to the statement, the Picassent prison continues to have serious staff shortages, with a staff deficit of more than 15%. ACAIP-UGT has already requested the classification of the aggressor in First Degree (the most restrictive) and his transfer to another prison.

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