A man arrested in Alicante for extorting a young woman with her intimate files

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01/10/2022 at 4:34 PM CET


A man has been arrested by the Civil Guard of Alicante accused of extorting a user of an online dating website, a young woman of 18 years, whom threatened to spread intimate files of her if she did not pay him 2,000 euros, a criminal form known as ‘sextortion’.

In addition, the alleged perpetrator, taking advantage of the link he had with the victim, provided files and personal data of her to other acquaintances of hers, who did not hesitate to extort her, as reported on Monday by sources from the armed institute.

The agents they have identified the detainee’s collaborators, for which they have requested international police cooperation through Interpol to be located and brought to justice.

The arrested man, 42 years old and a resident of San Juan de Alicante, is accused of the crimes of extortion, coercion, against honor and criminal organization.

In the search of his home, two computers -one desktop and another laptop-, seven mobile phones and various storage equipment have been intervened, all of which will be analyzed by the researchers.

The court that is instructing the case has decreed the entry into provisional prison of the suspect.

The events began at the beginning of 2020, when the victim, an 18-year-old Spanish girl, registered on an online dating web platform.

After a few months of activity on that website, he began to receive messages from another user, who told him that he had his intimate files and that if he did not want them to be disseminated among his friends and family, he had to make the payment of 2,000 euros and comply with what ordered.

Despite partially complying with the gang’s demands, the campaign of harassment and harassment intensified.

Finally, the young woman filed a complaint and, since the matter was related to cybercrime, the Alicante Civil Guard Team @ took charge of the investigations last October, which have now allowed the capture of the main person responsible.

The armed institute continues with the investigations to locate other possible victims.

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