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We tell you why the new Kobo Sage ebook reader has everything to be considered the best reader of the moment.

Amazon clearly dominates the ebook sector, both in the distribution of digital books through its online store and in support, and the Kindle is by far the best-selling models in the world, although they do not lack competition.

Rakuten has its own ebook readers, the so-called Kobo, which have nothing to envy the Kindle and even surpass them in some cases. This is what happens with the new Kobo Sage, whose characteristics make can be considered as the best e-book reader you can buy right now, and is already on sale for an official price of 279 euros, although there are some offers.

This 8 “screen ebook reader has WiFi and Bluetooth. It can play audiobooks and offers perfect ergonomics in both portrait and landscape formats.

Undoubtedly there are high-quality ereaders, but there are several reasons why this new model is undoubtedly at the forefront.

Its price is high, but it is that it goes directly to the high-end with features that want to attract the most inveterate readers, those who read so many hours that they are willing to pay their price for greater comfort and premium extras.

A price similar to the Kindle Oasis, although with improved features

Amazon’s best Paperwhite display now comes with adjustable warm light. It also includes water resistance, WiFi connectivity, slim design and 8 GB of internal memory.

The price of the Kobo Sage is already below 250 euros, so at least for now it exceeds what the Kindle Oasis costs, its main competitor.

It is cheaper and that makes it stand out as a clear alternative, although other features must be added that make it worthwhile.

However, that it is sold in stores such as Amazon itself helps a lot to improve its distribution.

EPUB format support to get out of the Amazon monopoly

This 8 “screen ebook reader has WiFi and Bluetooth. It can play audiobooks and offers perfect ergonomics in both portrait and landscape formats.

The first reason the Kobo Sage is worth buying is that it supports e-books in EPUB format, the most “free” format in the world.

This does not happen with the Amazon Kindle, which only accept MOBI, a proprietary format that totally limits the possibility of buying or acquiring books outside of its online store.

Rakuten is also a large multinational, obviously, but if it motivates you to get out of the monopoly that Amazon manages in the sector, this is one more incentive.

A perfect 2×1: for reading and also for listening to audiobooks

This is the newest and most remarkable feature of the Kobo Sage: it offers the possibility of listening to audiobooks in hands-free mode. For example while cooking or showering.

For now there is no other ebook reader that offers this option, totally revolutionary.

To do this, it uses the immense catalog of the Kobo Store in this type of audible format and thus reaches two different markets: those who like to read and those who prefer to listen.

Larger screen: portrait or landscape offers more surface area

With an 8 “panel (backlit and with adjustable color temperature) this model can be used in portrait or landscape. It is large enough to offer enough reading surface in both formats.

In addition, with its ergonomic handle, the grip is perfect whatever you use it, thus giving your hands some rest if you read for many many hours.

Touch Pen Compatible for Note Taking – Eye, Students

The Kobo Sage is the best ebook reader for students, and that is very evident for several reasons. The first is that it offers wider compatibility than Kindle with formats such as EPUB, and it is also easier to transfer PDF documents such as notes taken on a PC.

Not only that but it is also compatible with the Kobo Stylus (separately and at a price of approximately 40 euros) with which you can make annotations on your screen in the easiest way possible.

In this way you can study the hours you need on your electronic book reader without leaving your eyes and making annotations as you would on a sheet of paper.

With physical buttons for one-handed reading and page turning

This 8 “screen ebook reader has WiFi and Bluetooth. It can play audiobooks and offers perfect ergonomics in both portrait and landscape formats.

The ergonomic design incorporates a detail that is already common in high-end models: physical buttons.

Although it might seem like a step backwards, it is not, as you will have noticed if you use a “standard” reader in which you have to turn the page by touching its screen, something that almost certainly forces you to constantly use both hands.

With these page up and down buttons you can do it with the same hand with which you hold your ereader.

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